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        Gas Turbine Power Division

Power shortages and interruptions are huge problems! When the power stops -- everything stops. Green Power Worldwide can solve the problem. GPW capability will provide fully automated or manual kick in power wich will fully sustain continuity without interruption.

There is compelling need all around the world for electrical power based on industrial gas turbines.  Green Power Worldwide has assembled highly qualified specialists in the area of gas and steam turbines.  These veterans of the industry bring years of experience in providing the best power generation solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications -- i.e. mining in remote locations, hospitals in isolated areas, etc.

We also have established a highly qualified and reliable service organization capable of providing all the required equipment maintenance as well as quick response to any repair issue.

GPW has established the following:

  • Technical Director of the Power Generation Division (25 some years in the industry) with the team of highly professional engineers and technicians.
  • Manufacturing facilities in the USA, Thailand and Russia.
  • Consulting, sales and service offices in South Africa, USA, Australia and Russia covering Africa, Middle East, Central and South America, Far East and Russia.

We provide:

  • Customized Power Generation solutions based on new and refurbished Gas Turbines.  Power range is from 1 MW to 50 MW (50 Hz or 60 Hz).   
    50 MW to 150 MW could be considered as special cases. 
  • Delivery from 3 to 12 months.
  • Reliable equipment maintenance service, as well as quick response to any repair issue.

Defining the requirement.
etermining the best solution for each case involves detailed analysis and requires a significant commitment on our part of time and resources. 

To move this process forward, fill out our comprehensive Power Generation Needs Assessment Questionnaire. Please click > here to download.

If you need help to fill out the Questionnaire, consulting services are available upon request.